Cartasia is the international Biennale dedicated to paper and its shapes, explored and experienced as never before. At Cartasia, paper becomes a means to express Art, a versatile element of Design, a topic to expand on during Talks and games and discoveries for Fun activities.

The Biennale takes place in the beautiful medieval town of Lucca (Tuscany), one of the biggest paper production centers in Europe.

The Biennale holds a mirror up to society: every topic is food for thought about our current affairs and the changes that every era and culture bring with it. The topic for the 9th Biennale is Chaos and Silence.

The event began back in 2004 to promote culture, tradition, ethics and sustainability through the medium of paper; an ancient tradition that dates back to 400 a.C., and that has made the Lucca area one of the most important paper production centers of Europe. The Biennale treasures its elements of sustainability and environmentalism, promoting and incentivizing collaborations with paper companies that share this philosophy, and make it their productive strength.

The Biennale encourages the participation and involvement of international artists and designers through 3 Call for Artists, which will help create three exhibitions: OutDoor, InDoor and Design.

                 OUTDOOR EXHIBITION

Monumental paper sculptures will be exhibited in the open air in the squares and on the walls of the city, challenging all weather.

                    INDOOR EXHIBITION

Unique paper artwork that exhibits worldwide talent. On show in the halls of the Palazzo Ducale, crown jewels of the beautiful historical centre of Lucca

                     DESIGN EXHIBITION

 Indoor exhibition of unusual and captivating interior furniture, along with innovative prototypes in carboard, all interactive.


 Talks of various length and nature, to touch on topics such as current events, education, art, deisgn, politics, economy, film making, sociology, all referring back to the theme of this edition.

                        CREATIVE LABS

 Fun and artistic activities for children, created with the Munari method, after a guided tour of the paper sculptures.


 Cartasia will also be events in the city squares, performances and music.

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