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DS Smith

DS Smith is the leading provider in Europe of corrugated packaging, together with his 28,500 employees, it has always nurtured the art of shaping new ideas of packaging, finding unexpected solutions, creating amazing products.

For this reason DS Smith supports Lucca Biennale, because we love art as the ability to mix traditional materials, such as paper and cardboard, with innovative ideas as the ones that you can admire in this brochure; signed by artists from all over the world, powered by DS Smith's paper and cardboard.

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Fondazione Cassa

di Risparmio di Lucca

Founded with charitable intentionsby private citizens and approved by Carlo Lodovico di Borbone, Duke of Lucca in 1835, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca is involved in social, cultural and economical promotion in the Lucca area.

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Comune di Lucca

The municipality of Lucca promotes the civil rights of study and culture at any age, carrying out protection and development of local traditions, cultural, historical and artistic heritage, guaranteeing its fruition to the community.


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Regione Toscana

The region of Tuscany promotes the protection of the environment and natural heritahe, the promotion of culture, the protection and development of the historical, artistic and natural heritage.

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Provincia di Lucca

The province of Lucca protects the historical-cultural heritage and promotes the conservation and development of local community traditions.



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Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca

It's a legal, no-profit entity which is autonomous and based in Lucca. Its aims are of social promotion and economic development, in particular in regards to the province of Lucca.

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Founded in Lucca in 1978, Fosber is a leading global supplier for the design, construction and installation of complete lines as well as individual machine units for the production of corrugated board packaging.





The Order of Architects and Urban Planners and Conservationists is recognised by the state, and is responsible for the register of architects, vigilating correct professional behaviour and professionalism, providing council to the public administration.

Ordine degli Architetti


Vivi Lucca

"Vivi Lucca" 2018 foresees over 200 events from international to local, from the historical town centre to the towns and areas outside Lucca, collecting them ina  single calendar. It is now in its fifth edition.

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