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lucca biennale dates

Lucca Biennale official dates

11th July 2018 | Lucca

lucca biennale date

Lucca Biennale is pleased to announce its official dates:

On 4th August the opening of the exhibitions will be held, a reserved event on invitation.

From 5th August to 27th September the event will be open to the public, with 2 exhibitions located in Palazzo Ducale and Mercato del Carmine, open continously from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm.

Monumental sculptures will be installed in the following squares and can be freely visited until the end of the Biennale: Piazza San Francesco, Piazza San Frediano, Piazza Napoleone, Piazza Guidiccioni, Piazza San Salvatore, loggia pretorio and Piazza della Cittadella.

The full programme of the Biennale will soon be announced.