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The seventh edition of the Biennal of contemporary art Cartasia has a winner.


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Lucca october 2014

The seventh edition of the Biennal of contemporary art Cartasia has a winner. Among the seven artists that have exposed their own installations in the main squares of Lucca, Kamila Karst with her "Kataphraktos", the horse entirely realized in cardboard that has found it's place inside the "Merchant's loggia" for the entire month of July, has been chosen from the artistic jury - composed by the Artistic Director Nicolas Bertoux, Cynthia Sah, Giuseppe De Leo, Patrizia Stranieri, Emiliano Galigani and Federica Moretti - as the winner of the seventh edition of Cartasia.

The decision taken also considered the results of the popular jury, that - through the web site of the Biennial - had already decreed the victory of the Polish artist. The project "Kataphraktos" consists in the sculpture of an horse entirely realized with cardboard, that draws inspiration from two realities: industrial architecture and the narrative and figurative tradition of the Hellenic world. 

See photos of the winning sculpture HERE

Moreover, the jury has decided, given the high value of the contest and the strong impact of the works that have taken part, to assign an ex aequo prize to three sculptures: to Giulia Giovannoni, author of "Sheepfold", placed near door St. Pietro; to Emily Nelms Perez, with the sculpture "Solidified", in Amphitheater square; and to Lorenzo Bergamini, author of "Take Care", the trees of paper and cardboard that have been installed in San Michele square.

A honorable price has been assigned, finally, to the collective Ddum - already winners of the contest Cartasia Academy Art - that has exposed their own work near the Piazzale Arrigoni, for the ability to realize the sculpture.


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